Trump launches Latino Americans for Trump in Las Vegas

The former president maintained that he hopes to win the election in 2024 with greater support from Hispanic voters.

Former President Donald Trump's campaign team launched Latino Americans for Trump during an event in Las Vegas. The Republican changed the name of the coalition that was previously called Latinos for Trump.

"Under President Trump, the Latino American community saw a record low unemployment rate. Under Biden, Latino Americans have been left behind, burdened with higher prices, soaring interest rates, and lower wages. Inflation and the failure of Bidenomics will be a major issue facing Latinos in 2024, as well as high crime rates and the affordability of housing – issues where Biden has failed miserably," the campaign team said in a statement.

Likewise, the campaign team noted that "Latinos favor immigration policies that allow the orderly and legal entry and formalization of immigrants to the United States, and, consequently, they disapprove of how millions have been allowed to cross the border illegally."

"Latino Americans for Trump" stands unified in its support of President Trump and our members will be working tirelessly to spread his winning messages of a strong economy, lower prices, a secure border, and peace through strength at home and abroad.

'We're going to win an even larger share of the Hispanic American vote'

The former president's team explained that Hispanic voters trust Trump more to address issues regarding safety and immigration.

"In 2020, we got more votes from Hispanic Americans than any Republican in more than 50 years, and we won the Texas border counties that no Republican candidate had won in more than a century! In 2024, we’re going to win an even larger share of the Hispanic American vote, setting all-time records for Republicans up and down the ballot," Donald Trump said.

Jaime Florez, director of Hispanic communications for the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign, said they decided to change the name of the platform to emphasize that Latinos are Americans.

"It’s very important that we all understand that no matter where we’re coming from, we’re already American ... Whether you’re African American, Latino American, Asian American, European American, wherever you come from, we are all American," Florez said in statements obtained by Telemundo.