'The Mandalorian' ends its third season full of ups and downs

The 'Star Wars' series starring Pedro Pascal ended its new season with an episode that served as a perfect ending.

The third season of The Mandalorian has come to an end. This Wednesday, Star Wars spin-off on Disney Plus finished its third season full of ups and downs. It featured episodes of varying lengths, the longest at 58 minutes and the shortest at 33. Many viewers complained about the absence of Pedro Pascal, busy with other projects such as The Last of Us and Pedro Almodovar's new short film, Strange Way of Life:

The series ended its third season on a high note. In the final episode, practically all the storylines that opened throughout the eight episodes were brought to a close. Viewers look forward to the resurgence of the planet Mandalore thanks to the union of the Mandalorians. It was achieved, in large part, by Bo Katan (Katee Sackhoff), the fallen leader of the Mandalorians who recovered her leadership and became the great surprise of the third season. She was considered to have "snatched" the leading role from Pedro Pascal’s character, Din Djarin. That is, until the end, to the great satisfaction of fans:

A happy ending is what defines this episode. The tension of someone's imminent death fades over the end. The action scenes, as always, a 100/10. There is nothing about this last episode that leaves you without hype for season 4. Just a #TheMandalorian ending.

Well, after a few hours processing the finale of the third season of #TheMandalorian I have to say that I think it's a great and beautiful ending in many ways. When spoilers can be made I will say why I think it connects greatly with the future. This is the way!

Today's episode of #TheMandalorian has made me fall much more in love with the series. It showed me that it had personality and did what no one expected, without resorting to anything external and offering sublime moments. I'm thrilled.

What will happen in the fourth season?

The end of the episode made the creators’, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, intentions for the fourth season clear. It has already been confirmed. It did so with Pedro Pascal's character by legally adopting Grogu who, from now on, will be called Din Grogu. It also foreshadowed what might happen in the new season, which still has no confirmed premiere date. It laid the groundwork for what we might see in the future thanks to the discovery of the real intentions of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Expósito), the show’s main villain.

Din Djarin also has a new mission, which he will have to combine with being a father: to work undercover as a bounty hunter for the New Republic. Fans will surely learn more about this in the fourth season, but Din Djarin will maintain the same motto as he has the entire series: "This is the way." This was the message left by the cast when saying goodbye to the fans. That is, until next season: