Texas bans gender reassignment treatments for minors

Governor Greg Abbott signed the protective measure and makes Texas the most populated state in the country to restrict these procedures.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed SB14, which prohibits minors from undergoing gender-affirming treatments which include aggressive hormone therapies, puberty blockers and genital mutilation surgeries.

Texas is now the most populated state in the country to protect children from these procedures. No one under 18 years of age will be able to undergo this type of intervention as of September 1, the date on which the law goes into effect.

Texas joins states such as Florida and Alabama in its attempt to protect minors. In many states, these regulations were taken to court and it appears that Texas will be no exception. The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas (ACLU) Texas has already announced that they will take the state to court to allow children to continue to undergo these treatments.

The Republican-controlled Texas legislature sent the bill to Abbott just a few weeks ago. Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives and Senate were able to move the initiative forward despite objections from Democrats, who resorted to various legislative maneuvers to delay the governor from signing the bill into law.

Numerous leftist and transgender rights activists also attempted to violently disrupt the voting sessions.