Super Bowl LVII was the most watched telecast since the moon landing

More than 123 million people watched the game, approaching the 125-150 million who watched the Apollo XI moon landing live.

Super Bowl LVII broke the TV ratings record, bringing together 123.4 million viewers. It was the highest figure since the broadcast of man landing on the moon.

Most viewed since 1969

The audience data indicates the NFL championship is one of the most captivating TV products for the American public. The highest rated show before was last year's game, when 115 million followed the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl LVII came close to the most followed television broadcast in history, nearly reaching the 125-150 million people who watched the Apollo XI moon landing live in 1969.

The game was the culmination of a great season of ratings for the NFL. The weeks leading up to the game also set television viewing records. This was the case of the 56 million viewers who followed the NFC championship on Fox and the 55 million who watched the AFC title game on CBS.