Suicide attack in Turkey: A bomb explodes in front of the Ministry of Interior

The city remains alert, with active security operations to prevent other attacks. Footsteps from the scene of events, Parliament has resumed its agenda with the participation of the president.

A terrorist blew himself up by detonating an explosive at the entrance to the Turkish Ministry of Interior in Ankara this Sunday. Another terrorist was "neutralized" by police, after a shootout that ended with two officers in the hospital.

This was reported by Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya, who also detailed that the lives of the injured police officers are not at risk. "Our fight against terrorism and its collaborators, poison (drug) traffickers, gangs and organized crime will continue with determination," the minister promised in a post on X (Twitter).

Videos circulating on social media supposedly show the sequence of the attack.  From the moment the vehicle was stolen, after they murdered its driver to the moment when the terrorists arrived and the bomb exploded, according to the statements of a Turkish official to Reuters.

Attention: the following images are graphic

The alert continues in Ankara

The Turkish authorities stopped the dissemination of images of the attack and restricted access to the city, according to AP. They also warned that they may have to carry out controlled explosions of suspicious packages.

The Minister of Justice, Yilmaz Tunc, announced that the Prosecutor's Office has begun an investigation into what he describes as a clear terrorist attack. At the moment, he did not provide further details.

"Terrorists will never succeed"

Turkish Parliament building is near the site of the attack, which was scheduled to resume its agenda this Sunday after the summer recess.

The first attack in Ankara since 2016 will not change the work of parliamentarians, according to Al Jazeera. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reassured legislators that "terrorists will never succeed," as reported in Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, various international leaders have spoken out in solidarity with Turkey. Among them, are EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and Sweden's foreign minister Tobias Billström.

The US embassy in Turkey also posted a statement regarding  the events: