Spain's new minister of youth defends Oct. 7 massacre in Israel

Sira Rego has posted several anti-Israeli messages on social media. "The only solution is the end of the occupation," she said.

Spain's socialist president, Pedro Sánchez, was inaugurated for a new term Monday. Sira Rego was appointed as his new minister of children and youth. She is a left-wing activist who defended the Hamas massacre against Israel on Oct. 7 and maintained that Palestine has "the right to resist."

The statement was made after the details of the attack, including the terrorists' kidnapping of Israeli citizens, were made public.

"Palestine has the right to resist after decades of occupation, apartheid and exile. Faced with those who today defend returning to collective punishment by bombing the Gaza Strip, it is urgent to defend international law. The only solution is the end of the occupation," Rego wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

According to local media outlets such as El Debate, Rego was born in Spain but was raised in Palestine, and her family lives in the West Bank. In addition, she has posted several anti-Israeli messages on social media and has described Israel's actions as "genocidal." Meanwhile, she has not spoken out against the murders of Israelis at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

"No water, no electricity, no food, no fuel, no place for shelter... Now they are also bombing hospitals and have killed more than 500 innocent people. Israel, genocidal," she said in another message on X.

'To say that Lenin committed genocide expresses that you are far-right'

Likewise, the organization Action and Communication on the Middle East (ACOM) reported that Rego protested in the vicinity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with members of Samidoun, an organization recently banned in Germany for antisemitism, according to information published by Europa Press.

"In the speeches it was stated 'we recognize the right to armed struggle,' which we have already seen in all crudeness what it means: kidnappings of the elderly and children, teenagers raped, murders in cold blood, families locked up and burned, and babies dismembered," said ACOM.

Her justification of Hamas' massacre against Israel is not the only controversial stance that Rego has made. The now minister of children and youth also defended Vladimir Lenin and insisted that what the Russian did was not genocide.

"To say that Lenin committed genocide expresses that you are far-right and have read very little about universal history," Rego said during a debate on Spanish television.

Finally, a video was also posted in which he is seen crossing out a sign in a bathroom in the European Parliament indicating that it is for the exclusive use of members of Parliament. Rego crosses out the word "members" and writes "all" on the sign.