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Israel plans to increase the supply of fresh water to Gaza as the UN considers suspending aid to the region

The Jewish state would help improve access to this essential resource by installing new power lines, which would increase the output of a desalination plant.

Desalination plant in Khan Yunis(Said Khatib AFP)

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An Israeli official revealed that the Jewish state plans to activate a desalination plant that could transform access to potable water for hundreds of thousands of residents in the Gaza Strip.  The move comes amid threats by the United Nations to suspend aid to operations in the region.

According to a report from Fox News, an Israeli security official announced that his country will provide more electricity to the desalination plant in Khan Yunis through the construction of new power lines.

"This will re-enable the desalination facility established with UNICEF funding in 2017 to provide drinking water to areas in Deir al-Balah, Khan Yunis and the Mawasi area – a potential solution for hundreds of thousands of residents throughout the Strip," the official said.

The plant, which has operated below capacity due to energy constraints, could increase its water production from 1,500 cubic meters to approximately 20,000 cubic meters per day with the help of Israel. However, the plan backed by the Israeli government, still awaits final approval.

"The power line would enable the required 5 megawatts of electricity, which can be provided through the power line that will be connected and provided by Israel," the official explained.  In addition, the project will include the collaboration of the Israeli army to facilitate the entry of NGO personnel and equipment to help with the necessary works.

"The Israeli army would allow the international community and NGOs to bring in equipment and carry out infrastructure work that will regulate the operation of the power line for the desalination facility after a mandatory safety inspection," he explained.

The UN

Israel's initiative comes at a time when the UN is considering suspending its aid operations in Gaza, citing the need for greater protection for humanitarian workers.  U.N. spokesman Stéphane Dujarric described conditions for workers in Gaza as "increasingly intolerable."

Talks between the U.N. and Israel are continuing in hopes of resolving security concerns.  The U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator, Muhannad Hadi, and U.N. Undersecretary for Security, Gilles Michaud, have been in communication with Israeli authorities to address these challenges.