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Seattle amends minimum wage law for delivery drivers that hurt employees and businesses

A law that went into effect in January required delivery drivers to earn $26.40 per hour. Now, the proposed new rule sets their wage at $20.

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The Seattle City Council voted to amend a law intended to guarantee a minimum wage for delivery drivers working for digital app companies.

The rule went into effect in January and required delivery drivers to earn $26.40 an hour in wages, summed with miles driven and tips. However, according to workers, the law has been counterproductive because of reduced orders due to rising labor costs.

New proposal seeks to reduce wages to $20 an hour

The proposed revision to the current law includes a reduction of the minimum wage to $20 an hour, summed to 35 cents per mile. The rule must be presented and voted on by the full council before officially taking effect.

"A lot of people were happy with the pay they got and everything was working good, but now that they only get one delivery a day or two deliveries a day, that really cuts into their income," Eric Franklin, a driver told KOMO News.