School boards: DeSantis' anti-woke candidates win in Sarasota and Miami-Dade

"Freedom is at stake in November," warns Florida Gov.

Ron DeSantis prevails in the election to lead the Sarasota County School Board with a resounding 4-1 victory. Despite temporary blocking the Stop WOKE Act, the governor's nominees flip the board's direction.

The position for a school system that “is about education, not indoctrination" generated strong support among Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli and Timothy Enos, the DeSantis-endorsed challengers in Sarasota. "Freedom is on the line this November and our agenda for parental rights in education, safe communities, a vibrant economy and a protected environment is vital to keeping the state of Florida free," the governor stated.

One of the governor's campaign spokeswomen, Christina Pushaw, stated:

Sarasota School Board had a progressive majority (3-2). Today, Ron DeSantis endorsed candidates won and flipped the school board so it's now 4-1 anti woke indoctrination and pro parental rights.

won and flipped the school board so it’s now 4-1 anti wokes indoctrination and pro parental rights

DeSantis also took control of the Miami-Dade School Board, which has become the largest county in the United States with a conservative-majority school board.

DeSantis’ candidates won in 20 districts and in 13 different counties. In addition, five officials who were endorsed by him will run in the second round.