PSG coach arrested on racism charges

Galtier and his son were arrested by French police for alleged statements made last year when he was in charge of Nice.

French police arrested the Paris Saint-Germain coach, Cristophe Galtier and his son as part of an investigation for alleged "racist discrimination." The coach was accused by Julien Fournier. The former sporting director of Nice, the club Galtier coached last year, said that he complained that his team had "too many blacks and Muslims." Both Galtier and his son pleaded not guilty.

"There are only Blacks"

Police opened the investigation following the publication of an email from Fournier to Nice's owners complaining about the Galtier's alleged behavior. "He went to a restaurant and everyone attacked him for saying that the team was full of Blacks. I asked him what was wrong and he explained that this team was not like him, that we couldn't continue like this. I asked him to help me understand what he was saying and he told me, 'You have built a team of scum.' (...) I asked him to be more precise and he added: there are only Blacks and half of your team is in the mosque on Friday afternoons."

However, his arrest does not mean that he is guilty. French law allows him to be held for 24 hours before being charged or released.