Paxton accuses Biden, the Bush family's Republican 'puppets' and Democrats of orchestrating his impeachment

The Texas attorney general shared in an interview with Tucker Carlson that he is considering running for the Senate in 2026 against John Cornyn.

Ken Paxton sat down with Tucker Carlson for his first interview after his victory in the impeachment trial he was subjected to in the Texas Senate. The attorney general of The Lone Star State criticized the measures that were taken to try to remove him from office and jeopardize his career, directly accusing the Biden administration, Republican legislators close to the Bush family and Democrats of orchestrating the process. In addition, he announced that he is considering running as a candidate for the Senate to unseat John Cornyn, whom he accused of being "a puppet of the Bush" family.

The White House instigated the process, according to Paxton

Paxton claimed that his impeachment was motivated by his aggressive stance against the Biden administration's policies. According to the attorney general, his repeated legal complaints (48 so far) against the president's measures, and the 77% that result in victories for Paxton, are causing problems, or at least slowing down the White House's initiatives.

I think that was the motivation. We were causing a lot of trouble for the Biden administration. Even if we didn't win, we slowed him down, and we were winning, I think the number is about 77% of our cases. So we are a huge problem for the Biden administration. And that was the way to get me out of the way.

For this reason, Paxton was convinced that the White House was "where [the impeachment] was instigated." He then pointed to "other groups in Texas" who joined the campaign. He accused Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Dade Phelan of being controlled by Democrats because their votes got him the role. According to the attorney general, due to GOP members' different interests, the Democratic voting bloc, made up of 65 representatives, means that Democrats can effectively pick the speaker by obtaining just 10 Republican votes, which they often do by offering to compromise on important assignments and committee roles. He also accused Phelan of blocking many of the initiatives that Paxton and even Governor Greg Abbott had proposed.

"Everything's on the table for me"

Within conservative families in Texas, the Bush name carries a lot of weight. Paxton said he is considering running for John Cornyn's senatorial seat in 2026, accusing him of being "a puppet of the Bush" family. "Everything's on the table for me. ... I think it's time somebody needs to step up and run against this guy."

Although he tiptoed over the accusations for which he was acquitted, he emphasized that the issue of his infidelity is something that must be resolved at home and not in the Texas Senate.