Paramount+ reunites Patrick Stewart, Hey Arnold, Peppa Pig and Master Chief in its Super Bowl commercial

The company uses the commercial to announce upcoming series, movies and programs that will be available on the platform.

The Super Bowl will be broadcast this year on CBS and Paramount+. Perhaps that is the reason why Paramount Pictures will air the most commercials and trailers, a total of 12, during the sporting event.

However, the one that is attracting the most attention on social media is the first commercial that was released for the event: one for Paramount+. The company announces the different series, movies and programs that will be released on the streaming platform by having Patrick Stewart and Master Chief meet up with animated characters such as Arnold and Peppa Pig:

Under the slogan "On Paramount Mountain, the stakes get higher," the commercial will bring together as many people as possible to show viewers the wide variety of content available on the platform. The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Executive Vice President, CMO and Chief Data Officer of Paramount Streaming Domenic DiMeglio:

I think we, we felt like we needed to raise the bar even more given that we are the streaming home of the Super Bowl, that the game is going to be broadcast on CBS, we’ll have a game broadcast on Nickelodeon and so for the company it’s just a huge moment. And so really when we approached the spot for Paramount+, we were like how do we top ourselves yet again?

To answer this question, the platform brought together Sir Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagavailoa, Master Chief and Jeff Probst in one single commercial. They will be featured alongside the animated characters Peppa Pig, Arnold from "Hey Arnold!" and Knuckles in a commercial that, since its premiere, has become one of the most viewed this year.