Newsom accumulates more than 2 million abortion pills after Texas judge's ruling

In the face of the ruling overturning FDA approval of mifepristone, California is making massive purchases of misoprostol, a pill for medication abortions.

California Governor Gavin Newsom responded to a Texas federal court ruling that struck down the FDA's approval of mifepristone by stockpiling 2 million pills of misoprostol, another abortion drug. Newsom said that with this measure, "Medication abortion remains legal in California" and assured that he will never give in to "extremists."

Newsom harshly criticizes Judge Kacsmaryk

The Governor's Office released the move in a statement, sharply criticizing Amarillo, Texas, District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk .

In response to this extremist ban on a medication abortion drug, our state has secured a stockpile of an alternative medication abortion drug to ensure that Californians continue to have access to safe reproductive health treatments. We will not cave to extremists who are trying to outlaw these critical abortion services. Medication abortion remains legal in California.

Increased pain for patients

Pharmaceutical abortion is the most commonly used in the United States, and is usually performed using a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol. Faced with the risk that the Texas judge's ruling would be enforced, or the Supreme Court would uphold it, Newsom rushed to stockpile the second pill. The statement insists that misoprostol alone can safely terminate a pregnancy, as accredited by the World Health Organization. However, physicians acknowledge that this is a slightly less effective option and causes greater pain to patients.

California has been one of the most critical states of Kacsmaryk's sentencing since it went public. In a social media post on April 8, the Governor's Office criticized the fact that "an extremist judge" who, "pursuing a political agenda, ignores facts, science and the law," puts "the health of millions of women and girls at risk." Faced with this, "Abortion is still legal and accessible here in California and we won't stand by as fundamental freedoms are stripped away."