New Jersey governor says they can't handle New York's immigrants

According to Phil Murphy, the state does not have the capacity to shelter so many people, despite once claiming that New Jersey could be a sanctuary state for immigration.

Joe Biden is seriously considering relocating the 60,000 immigrants who applied for asylum in New York a few miles away but in another state. The president welcomes the idea of sheltering immigrants at the Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey. However, according to the Garden State governor, there are literally not enough beds for so many people.

Phil Murphy once claimed that he wanted New Jersey to become a kind of sanctuary state for immigrants, but this time, he does not have enough resources to do so. As it transpired, the aforementioned airport is one of the 11 places that the Biden Administration proposed to the mayor of New York to relocate those immigrants.

I don’t see any scenario where we’re going to be able to take a program in Atlantic City, or frankly, elsewhere in the state,” the Democrat said on “Ask Governor Murphy.” “You need scale, enormous amount of federal support, resources that go beyond anything that we can afford,” he said. “Putting everything else aside, I just don’t see it. I would suspect that that will continue to be the case,” he added.

The relocation of immigrants who arrived in New York is an issue that provoked tension among Democrats, particularly towards the president. For example, according to Governor Kathy Hochul, the crisis has only one responsible party. “This crisis originated in the federal government and must be resolved with the federal government,” she said recently during a speech at the local Capitol. According to the Democrat, 100,000 people requested asylum in the state in 2022.

In turn, she asked that the Biden Administration identify land to use as temporary shelters for asylum seekers and reimbursement for the use of 1,900 members of the New York National Guard, who have been providing logistical and operational support to house migrants throughout the state.

Another who joined the criticism was Eric Adams. The mayor expressly called for more federal funding and tighter control over the border.

“We have to control the border. We need to declare a state of emergency, and we need to adequately fund this national crisis. We need help. And it’s not going to get any better. From this point on, it’s downhill. There is no more room. I was at the Roosevelt on Saturday, and I went there on Sunday. They lined up around the block, hurting the businesses there; this is not going to get any better. We put buses there for cooling systems, but it is just not sustainable. And I’m just [being] real,” he said in mid-August.