Mystery grows around Tafari Campbell's death, former chef of the Obamas: authorities blank on motive for drowning call

In the telephone log for the night of the incident, the only call that does not specify the reason is the one related to the cook.

The drowning of Barack and Michelle Obama's former private chef, Tafari Campbell, has left more questions than answers, especially after it was revealed that official records did not include the reason for the call made to report the accident.

According to police reports, the person who reported that Campbell fell into the water called 911 at 7:46 p.m. The call was made to the police department. However, according to Edgartown Police Department records, that is the only call from the night of the accident without a specified motive.

According to the data, the call originated at Wilson's Landing, a paddleboard site about two miles from the Obamas' home in Turkeyland Cove.

The Edgartown Chief of Police, Bruce McNamee, explained to that the reason it may have been left blank could be because the caller did so from the Obama property by dialing directly to a commercial 911 hotline that automatically generates location data.

Also, the trooper stated that the origin of the call was listed as Wilson's Landing because it was used as the location of the incident at the time of the report.

The Massachusetts State Police concluded that his death was not suspicious because he had no external traumatic injuries. However, the toxicology test results performed during the autopsy have not yet been released. Nor has it been revealed who was with Campbell at the time he drowned.

Were the Obamas on the island?

Authorities reported that the Obamas were not on Martha's Vineyard when the incident occurred. However, it is believed that they were on the island. In fact, it is known that at least Malia and Sasha Obama flew out of Martha's Vineyard on Tuesday.

Campbell was writing a book about the Obamas

According to the blog, the Obamas' former chef was writing a book about his experiences as the family cook, and it even came to light that one of the revelations included how little Barack and Michelle Obama ate together. However, now that the man has died, it is unknown what other details may come to light.