Mayra Flores: the Republican who conquers the Hispanic vote in Texas

The first congresswoman born in Mexico storms a district that had been Democratic for more than a hundred years.

Mayra Flores, 36 years old, has become the first Mexican-born congresswoman. The Republican makes history by winning a seat for the House of Representatives, which had been in Democratic hands for a century. His victory in the Hispanic-majority 34th District unleashes a red tsunami and puts progressives on alert.

Something is stirring in the Latino vote, a traditionally Democratic ground that is beginning to change. Flores defeated Democrat Dan Sanchez and won the seat after the resignation of fellow Democrat Filemon Vela. Flores will represent this South Texas district until the end of the term at the end of the year.

Flores' arrival in Congress is a foretaste of the tough electoral fall that awaits the Democrats. The November legislative elections will renew 34 of the 100 senators and the 435 members of the House of Representatives. The stakes are high for the Democrats, with Joe Biden's popularity at an all-time low and a pressing crisis.

Mayra Flores, Elon Musk and the 'red tide'

Mayra Flores, who had the support of Donald Trump, run with the slogan "Dios, Patria y Familia" (God, Homeland and Family). A very symbolic victory in a border district with an 84% Hispanic population that had not elected a Republican representative since 1870. In the 2020 election, Biden won comfortably there, with more than a 7% lead.

The congresswoman also had the backing of tycoon Elon Musk. The owner of Tesla revealed his vote for Flores... and something more than that: highly critical of Biden's policies, which he compares to those that have devastated Venezuela, he recognizes that has voted for the first time for a Republican politician. He predicts that a red tide will soon sweep across the country. In 2020 Elon Musk moved from Los Angeles to the Texas city of Cameron, part of the district won by Congresswoman Flores.

"If Elon Musk can leave the Democratic Party, so can you," the Republican congresswoman encouraged in the face of the Tesla CEO's endorsement.

The first Mexican-born congresswoman

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Mayra Flores was born and raised in Burgos (Tamaulipas, Mexico). At the age of six he came to the United States with his parents. Thirty years later, analysts see in his victory the change in trend that the latest polls are predicting. The Hispanic vote is moving to the Republican side even in such strongly Democratic places as Texas' 34th District.

Flores stresses that she was raised with "strong conservative values," which taught her to put God and family first. "I thank God for the blessing of being able to serve the people of Texas' 34th Congressional District," he noted after his victory. "I look forward to defending our conservative values of faith, family and freedom," he added.

The congresswoman declares herself "pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-law enforcement." Her campaign website notes that she works caring for the elderly and disabled with chronic respiratory problems. Also, that he has been on the front line helping covid-19 patients.

The next step for her will be to face Vicente Gonzalez, winner of the Democratic primary to represent the redrawn 34th District, on November 8. There are currently 12 Democratic Texan representatives in the House of Representatives and 23 Republicans.

Pelosi's push to Mayra's daughter

That the victory of Mayra Flores has not pleased the Democrats is evident. As a scandalous example, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had an unpleasant incident with the daughter of Congresswoman Mayra Flores.

After Flores was sworn in, Pelosi shoved the little girl away during the photo session. A gesture highly criticized in social networks to which Flores herself responded on Twitter.

From Nancy Pelosi's entourage, they have denied that the Speaker of the House pushed the girl. They claim that he wanted to reposition it so that it would look good in the photo. Judge for yourselves.