María Elvira Salazar sends a letter to Biden asking him to protect María Corina Machado from threats from the Venezuelan regime

The congresswoman asks the president to "please do everything in his power" to protect the Venezuelan leader.

This September 22, Republican Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to do everything in his power to protect Maria Corina Machado. In the letter, she explains to President Biden the difficult situation that Venezuela is experiencing due to the upcoming election which will be held on October 22, 2023. She emphasized the importance of defending the country's freedom.

In the letter to the president, Salazar describes the upcoming elections as "the best chance we have for freedom and democracy in Venezuela." The congresswoman pointed out that Nicolás Maduro's regime is intimidating the popular opposition leader, María Corina Machado, to make her abstain from running in the elections.

Salazar explains that the Maduro regime is "frightened" by Machado's popularity, which is why it disqualified her from running in the elections. However, María Corina Machado is still campaigning and hopes to be able to run in the elections. Salazar also stated that "the regime’s criminal partners are threatening the life of María Corina," and recalled that the Colombian terrorist group ELN - a partner of the Maduro regime - has threatened to kill Machado.

Finally, Salazar emphasizes that Maduro is "terrified" of running in a real election with Machado and that is why he is doing everything possible to remove her from the race. "As President of the United States, you can make clear to the regime how dearly they will pay for stealing the elections or causing any harm to María Corina," the letter says.