Karine Jean-Pierre doesn't know what to answer about her tweet on the 2016 election

A journalist asks her why doubting the 2020 elections is "extreme", but doing so for 2016 is not. "That comparison is ridiculous," said the Press Secretary.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been forced to respond for her tweets written in 2016 and 2020 in which she said Republicans had "stolen the election."

This Tuesday, during the WH press conference, Fox News reporter Peter Doocey asked her about those tweets:

Peter Doocey: "You tweeted in 2016 that Trump stole an election."

Karine Jean-Pierre: "I knew this was coming."

Peter Doocey: "If denying elections is extreme now, why wasn't it then?".

Karine Jean-Pierre: "That comparison that you made is just ridiculous."

So Karine Jean-Pierre knew that someone would compare her statements about stealing the election in 2016 with other statements about stealing the election in 2020, despite the fact that she considers such a comparison "ridiculous".

Free speech

Recently, a reporter asked Kari Lake, Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, if doubting the election results was not dividing the country. Lake responded:

How can that divide the country? Questioning an election where there are obvious problems is dividing the country? Since when can we not ask questions about our choices? I was a journalist for many years. I was a journalist after 2016. And I clearly remember a lot of people, just like you, asking a lot of questions about the 2016 election results. And no one tried to shut them up. No one tried to tell Hillary Clinton to shut up. No one tried to tell Kamala Harris, when she was questioning the legitimacy of these electronic voting machines, to stop.