Judge bans Hunter Biden's legal team from contacting the court clerk

The legal team for President Joe Biden's son has been ordered to contact Judge Maryellen Noreika with any questions about the case. The decision was made after one of the lawyers misrepresented herself to the court clerk.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika ordered Hunter Biden's legal team to contact her directly with any problems or questions and not to the court clerk's office, according to a court order filed Friday. The decision was made after one of Hunter Biden's lawyers misrepresented herself to the clerk.

"I have already discussed my concerns about apparent misrepresentations made to a member of this Court’s Clerk’s Office. In addition to that, in a submission addressing those apparent misrepresentations ... counsel for the House Ways and Means Committee needlessly included on the public docket an email from a Clerk’s Office staff member that contained her personal contact information", Noreika said in remarks exclusively reported by the Washington Examiner.

Earlier this week, a lawyer from Hunter Biden's legal team was accused of "misrepresenting her identity" in a call to the court handling the case in an attempt to have documents that could be damaging to the case removed from the docket.

The 'modus operandi' of Hunter Biden's lawyers

It all started Tuesday morning when the Delaware district judge received an amicus brief from the House Ways and Means Committee. This report included the transcribed testimony of two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers who were interviewed on May 26 and June 1 and was to be sent to the Court for the trial against Joe Biden's son.

The documents were included and were supposed to be admitted into evidence at the trial. However, they mysteriously disappeared from the file on Tuesday afternoon. The committee's lead attorney, Theodore Kittila, explained the incident in a letter sent to the judge in charge of the case, which was later accessed by the New York Post.

Kittila began to investigate what happened and soon discovered that a lawyer on Hunter Biden's team, Jessica Bengels, "misrepresented her identity" and claimed to be part of Mr. Kittila's team. She did so in an "attempt to improperly convince the Clerk's Office to remove the amicus materials from the docket."

Shortly thereafter, Hunter's legal team submitted a letter to the judge confirming that it was all about a miscommunication between Bengels and the employee who received the call. In addition, they said, they hoped that the attached statement would serve to clear up any doubts.