Jenna Ortega to star in Doritos Dinamita Super Bowl commercial: 'A celebration of Latin culture'

The company launched the spot Monday which features the actress accompanied by her two fictitious grandmothers walking the aisles of a grocery store.

Doritos has chosen Jenna Ortega to "celebrate Latin culture" at the Super Bowl. The snack company launched its new commercial to promote its new product, Doritos Dinamita, during the sporting event.

In this commercial, the "Wednesday" star is seen accompanied by her two fictitious grandmothers, Dina and Mita, walking through the aisles of a supermarket to find the last bag of chips, for which they must compete against the "Top Gun: Maverick" actor, Danny Ramirez.

Ortega spoke about the announcement with Forbes, saying that for her, it was an opportunity to proudly show her Puerto Rican and Mexican heritage, in addition to working with two renowned Hispanic actresses, Patricia Mauceri and Olivia Negron, who also star in the commercial:

I think that honestly was the main driving force behind me doing this commercial. You’ve seen it - it’s very different from the work that I typically do, but I think for me, it was just a celebration of Latin culture and to have the two leading Latina women [Patricia Mauceri and Olivia Negron] as the stars, and we then got to bring Danny Ramirez onboard, which was really important to me because I respect him and I think he’s doing incredible work. On this platform, to showcase our community like that is really wonderful.