Israel uncovers Hamas' lies in Gaza

The findings from troops and investigators during the Israeli ground offensive have proven there is access to tunnels in civilian infrastructure, such as Al-Shifa hospital, and that these facilities are being used as terrorist bases.

Antisemitic excuses and lies are beginning to lose all credibility in the face of the evidence presented by Israel. Despite those who accuse the Jewish state of genocide, the videos that the Israeli Defense Forces have posted after their ground offensive in Gaza demonstrate Hamas terrorists' use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes, as in the case of Al-Shifa Hospital. There, Israeli forces have found fortified access to the tunnels and footage showing the hostages captured during the Oct. 7 massacre being taken through this medical facility. Likewise, witnesses and investigators have publicized the atrocities committed against women by the terrorists during the attack, including rape, mutilation, kidnapping and the murder of children and adolescents.

Videos show terrorists bringing several hostages into Al-Shifa Hospital

After the troops entered Al-Shifa Hospital in search of evidence of terrorist activity, they found weapons and ammunition. Given the nature of the facility, and in trying to minimize damage to civilians, the operation lasted several days and was carried out carefully and thoroughly. On Sunday, the IDF shared several videos showing that Hamas used the center as one of its bases on Oct. 7.

The images show two of the civilians being held hostage by Hamas surrounded by armed terrorists. The hostages seen are a Nepalese and a Thai national who were kidnapped on Israeli territory.

A kidnapped Israeli corporal was executed in the hospital

Another example of the use of these health facilities as a terrorist base is that the IDF reported that they found the body of Corporal Noa Marciano, 19, near the hospital. According to IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari, Marciano was injured during an attack by the Israeli Air Force, but her life was not in danger from these wounds. The corporal was taken hostage and murdered by her captors in the hospital, Hagari said.

Tunnel with defense mechanisms located in Al-Shifa Hospital

On the night of Nov. 18, troops located an access point to the tunnels that cross Gaza inside the hospital compound. They also reported the discovery of an arsenal hidden under a car inside the hospital, ready for terrorists to use.

According to the information provided by the IDF, the tunnel is 180 feet long, with about 35 feet that pass under the hospital. As defense mechanisms, the tunnel entrance had an explosion-proof door and a hole that allows defenders to shoot, making access even more difficult for Israeli troops.

Hamas' control in civilian areas

Another example of Hamas' use of civilians as human shields was exposed following IDF operations on the residences of terrorist leaders. Army spokespeople stressed that these residences, which had been "converted into terrorist fortresses," were embedded between civilian buildings in the Rimal neighborhood. In these headquarters, the soldiers discovered some 35 entrances to the tunnels, seven rocket launchers, as well as numerous weapons and ammunition depots.

Israeli women

The hypocrisy of antisemites has also been portrayed by their stance regarding the atrocities suffered by Israeli women at the hands of Hamas terrorists, which have been questioned and even denied, despite graphic evidence that they have occurred. Despite the reservation of the Israeli authorities to disclose specific details regarding the brutality of the Oct. 7 attackers, several survivors and investigators have recounted what they experienced or saw following the massacre. Furthermore, several of the terrorists confirmed the facts when they were interrogated.