Florida: a mother and her son die in a fire at their home in Daytona Beach

Authorities are investigating the event as a possible murder as they suspect the fire was intentional.

The mother of three children died this Tuesday in Daytona Beach, Florida, in a fire at her home. After further investigation of the scene, the authorities later determined that the cause of the woman's death was stab wounds. Along with the mother, one of her children also died.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, which quoted the Daytona Beach Police Chief, the baby died due to cardiac arrest. The other two minors suffered minor injuries but the health services managed to save their lives. Both minors have been admitted to a city hospital.

The incident occurred around midnight local time on the night between Monday and Tuesday. Emergency services received a warning call to go to 1200 Beville Road. After collecting enough evidence, Daytona Police declared that they are investigating the incident as a homicide. It is due to the injuries on the mother's body as well as the evidence that indicates that the fire started in two different points of the house.

The authorities hope to collect more evidence in the following hours and days, and will provide an update of any further information gathered in the case.