Exclusive: Republican candidate Ryan Binkle prioritizes social unification and strengthening the economy in his campaign for president

The presidential hopeful considers that his experience as an economist and pastor is what sets him apart from the other contenders.

Ryan Binkle, the Republican economist, businessman and pastor who ran last Sunday in the presidential primaries, says what the country needs most is social unification and a stronger economy.

In an exclusive interview with Voz Media, the presidential candidate spoke out about what sets him apart from his Republican opponents Republican opponents and why he and why he believes he is a better option than them.

Blinkle began by highlighting the expertise he has for finance and the business world as co-founder of a 400-employee consulting firm that helps thousands of business owners, which could help in strengthening the U.S. economy.

However, he wanted to make it clear that another fundamental aspect that makes him an ideal candidate is his ability to connect with people's hearts and know how to unite them for a common cause or purpose, something he attributed to his experience as pastor of his own church.

"Maybe this is what our country needs today, a little bit of both," Ryan Binkle said.

The candidate, who created a campaign under the slogan "believe", explained to journalist and Voz Media host Karina Yapor how he would handle some of the problems the country is facing today.

How would you handle the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Blinkle said he believes it is important not to be indifferent to the war between the two nations. However, he stressed that there is a budgetary problem to be solved in terms of the amount of aid being given to Ukraine by the Biden Administration.

The candidate explained that in this conflict it is essential to send Russia the message that "we respect your borders" and to solve the problem with diplomacy while supporting freedom.

Illegal immigration

The pastor and economist also referred to the immigration issue and spoke of creating a "comprehensive plan" to secure the border by stopping human trafficking and drugs from entering.

He also stressed that a registration process could be created for people who are in the country illegally in order to "bring them out of the shadows".

Hispanic Community

Last but not least, Blinkle referred to the Hispanic community in the United States, assuring that if they came to the country it is because they are looking for opportunities and believe in the principles that the country stands for.

"What we want is a unified country," he said, adding that Americans have much in common with Hispanics. "We have a common faith, we believe in God and hard work."