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Le Pen's party responds to Mbappé's criticism: “We do not expect people disconnected from reality to come and give lessons to the French”

"When you have the luck and the honor of wearing the shirt of the French team, you have to show a little restraint," said Sébastien Chenu, vice president of the National Rally (RN).

El partido de Le Pen responde a las críticas de Mbappé: “No esperamos que gente desconectada con la realidad venga a dar lecciones a los franceses”

El futbolista francés Kylian Mbappé y la líder conservadora francesa

Sébastien Chenu, vice president of the National Rally (RN)—the party of French conservative leader Marine Le Pen—responded this Monday to criticism from footballers Kylian Mbappé, Marcus Thuram and Ousmane Dembélé against the French right-wing movement, which aims for a victory in the legislative elections on June 30 after sweeping the European Parliament elections.

During his interview on France Inter, Chenu responded particularly to the recent statements of Mbappé, star and captain of the French national team, who called on the youth to vote against the “extremes.” He also supported the words of Thuram, who openly asked to vote against the National Rally party.

“I like Kylian Mbappé as a player, but don't let him give me political lessons,” said Chenu, before asking the French players for a bit of neutrality. “When you have the luck and honor to wear the shirt of the French team, you have to show a little restraint. Many voters support the French team and like Kylian Mbappé. You have every right to your opinion, and I don't mind if you express yourself, but I don't expect people who are quite far from reality to come and give lessons to the French."

In turn, Laurent Jacobelli, the spokesperson for the National Group, downplayed Mbappé's resonant statements, stating that he does not feel "concerned by the word 'extreme'." "Neither me nor our party."

“There are people who want to divide, yes,” he continued, before pointing to the French team's locker room. “They represent all French people of all opinions.”

The reactions of these members of the National Group came hours after Mbappé spoke to the French and international media in advance of France's debut in the Euro Cup against Austria. The match ended 1-0 in favor of France thanks to a great play by Mbappé himself, which caused a goal against the rival 38 minutes into the first half.

During the press conference, Mbappé asked young and undecided voters to go out and vote on June 30, a date on which France could play in the round of 16 of the Euro if they overcome the group stage.

“I was aware of the Federation's statement. We are at a crucial moment in the history of our country. The Euro is important in our career, but we are citizens and we are not disconnected from what is happening in our country. We are in an unprecedented situation and an important moment in our country. We are a generation that can make history. We know that the extremes are at the doors of our power. I call on everyone to vote, to be aware of the situation. We need to identify with our values of respect. I hope we make the right decision," said Mbappé, referring to the great victory of the movement led by Le Pen in the European legislative elections.

Subsequently, the captain of the French team positioned himself against the “extremes” and the “division.”

“The extremes are knocking on the door and I want to attract the attention of young people. Go vote. I know my voice will be heard. Kylian Mbappé is against the extremes, against those who divide. There are young people who abstain and I want to give them this message. Your voice does change things. I want to be proud to defend a country that has values of respect and diversity and I hope to be proud on July 7. I don't want a fragmented country, I don't want division," continued the French captain, who after a forceful collision today in the match against Austria, suffered a blow to the nose that forced him to be substituted.

Despite the hard impact, Mbappé will not undergo surgery and will continue playing the tournament with a mask, as confirmed by French reporters.