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Israel: Four new IDF soldiers die in Gaza booby trap

The military was inspecting a building connected to a Hamas tunnel. This brings the number of Israeli troops killed in the Strip since the start of the conflict to 299.

Tropas de Israel en Gaza. Hay un soldado con un fusil y junto a él un perro de combate.

(Cordon Press)

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Despite the ceasefire resolution approved this Monday by the United Nations (UN) Security Council, fighting continues in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported this Tuesday that four Israeli soldiers died on the Strip on Monday due to an explosive trap.

They were four members of the Israeli infantry between the ages of 19 and 24. The IDF released their names. They are Tal Pshebilski Shaulov, from Gedera; Eitan Karlsbrun, from Modiin; Almog Shalom, from Hamadia; and Yair Levin, from Givat Harel. All of them were members of the Givati brigade reconnaissance unit. They were operating in the southern Gaza Strip at the time of the incident. According to the Times of Israel, Shalom and Levin were still in training and Shaulov was their company commander. Levin is the grandson of former Likud parliamentarian Moshe Feiglin.

With these four infantrymen, military casualties in Gaza rise to 299 since the beginning of the invasion.

In addition to these four deaths, there are seven other soldiers who were injured in the same military action this Monday in Gaza. According to military sources, soldiers were inspecting a three-story house in the Strip. Suspsicious of traps hidden inside, they launched an explosive inside the house to detonate any device. As there was no other explosion other than the one detonated by the military, they entered the house. However, they did activate a trap, which when it exploded, collapsed part of the building.

The IDF later inspected the building and found a tunnel among the remains, which they suspect was a home used by the Hamas terrorist group.