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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico takes aim at Soros-funded media in first speech after assassination attempt

The president announced that he will be able to return to his duties in June or July.

El primer ministro eslovaco, Robert Fico, habla durante una conferencia de prensa con la canciller alemana (invisible) en la Cancillería de Berlín, el 24 de enero de 2024.


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In his first speech since his assassination attempt in mid-May, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico took aim at the opposition, media critical of the government - especially those owned by American magnate George Soros - and the "foreign-funded political non-governmental organizations."

Fico blamed the political and media opposition for creating a violent atmosphere that led to the attack on his life and then for trying to minimize the seriousness of the event.

After that, he made a special mention for George Soros :

I want to ask the anti-government media, especially those co-owned by the financial structure of G. Soros, not to go down this path and to respect not only the gravity of reasons for the attempted murder but also the consequences of this attempt.

The veteran European politician also claimed to "feel no hatred towards the stranger who shot me," whom he described as "an activist of the Slovak opposition." He will not press charges against the attacker, identified as Juraj Cintula, a 71-year-old poet.

In the video uploaded to social networks, he thanked the medical team that treated him and announced that he hopes to return to work this month or the next.