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U.S. commits an additional $100 million to a UN-backed multinational security force in Haiti

This announcement brings the total contribution to $300 million to counteract the challenges in the Caribbean country.

Cuerpos de seguridad desplegados en Haití / AFP

Security forces deployed in Haiti ( Richard Pierrina/ AFP )

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This Monday, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced a contribution of $100 million to a multinational security force backed by the United Nations that seeks to counter the attacks of gangs in Haiti.

After meeting with the Caribbean Community (Caricom) in Jamaica, where possible solutions to address the crisis in Haiti were discussed, Blinken reported that the United States Department of Defense will provide greater support, given the worsening situation in the Caribbean country.

"The United States Department of Defense is doubling its approved support for the mission from $100 million to $200 million," Blinken announced, explaining that this would bring total U.S. support to the multinational security force to $300 million.

Likewise, he reported that $33 million in humanitarian aid is being provided to Haiti, which will also contribute to the health and food security of Haitians.

During his visit to the Jamaican capital, Blinken noted that this is a "critical moment" for Haiti and expressed hope that talks with Caricom will generate significant progress.

"This is coming together in a positive direction, and I hope the discussions we'll continue to have can now finalize a plan that will move us forward," said the secretary of state.

The situation in Haiti has deteriorated since 2021, when President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated. Armed gangs have intensified their efforts to take control of various areas of the country, and the crisis worsened earlier this month when the leader of a dangerous criminal gang, Jimmy Chérizier, alias "Barbecue," urged armed groups to act to achieve the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Faced with this critical situation, several countries have evacuated their diplomatic personnel from Haiti. The European Union withdrew all its personnel, and the United States did the same with its non-essential personnel, in addition to strengthening security at its embassy.