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“We are going to kill them all”: The US and Israeli embassies in Argentina received bomb threats

The heads of security for both agencies received threatening emails, but no explosives were found.

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The embassies of the United States and Israel in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, received explicit threats of attacks via email, raising the authorities' concern.

Amid global tension due to the terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israel and radical Islamism in various parts of the world, the Israeli agency received an email that said, "Bomb Jewish Embassy, we are going to kill you all," according to Infobae.

The person who revealed the content of the email to the authorities was the head of security at the Israeli building located at 700 Avenida de Mayo.

In March 1992, the Israeli embassy was the epicenter of the bloodiest terrorist attack in the history of Argentina, when the headquarters was completely destroyed due to an explosion that left 22 dead and 242 injured.

For this reason, the security deployment, which involved the Federal Police and the Buenos Aires City Police, and the evacuation of employees this Wednesday were practically immediate.

For its part, the United States Embassy, located in the famous Palermo neighborhood, suffered a threat similar to that received by the Israeli diplomatic headquarters. The head of security of the American agency himself stated that he received an email that threatened to attack the building he supervises.

The Federal Police deployed officials to the scene and requested the support of the anti-bomb squad; however, no evacuation was carried out in this building, and, finally, the results in both diplomatic headquarters were "negative," that is, no explosives were detected.