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Belgian police kill suspect in Brussels Islamic terrorist attack

The Belgian Attorney General's Office confirmed the death of Abdeslam Lassoued after being shot in the chest. The government announced that security measures will remain in force.

Policías acordonan la zona donde el autor del atentado yihadista de Bruselas fue abatido.

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The Belgian Ministry of the Interior confirmed that police have killed the perpetrator of the shooting that ended the lives of two Swedish citizens last Monday in Brussels. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden informed the media that Abdeslam Lassoued had been "neutralized" by law enforcement forces in a café in the Schaarbeek neighborhood 10 hours after the incident took place. Verlinden confirmed that the suspect "was the perpetrator" of the attack and that he had been shot in the chest.

Café shooting

The alleged terrorist, a Tunisian national who had entered Belgium illegally, was located thanks to a call to police alerting of his presence in the café where officers found him more than 10 hours after he murdered two Swedish citizens and seriously injures a third person while shouting "Allahu akbar." At the time of his arrest, Lassoued was carrying the automatic weapon he used to commit the attack and opened fire on the officers, but was killed. Acting Mayor Cécile Jodogne noted that no one else was injured during the confrontation.

Security measures remain in force

While he was taken to the hospital by ambulance, there was conflicting information about his health. The Ministry of the Interior stated that he was "in serious condition," while the minister said she had been notified of his death. Finally, the Belgian Attorney General's Office confirmed his death at 9:38 a.m. (local time).

Despite the death of the assailant, the Belgian Crisis Center announced that security measures remain in force for the moment. In fact, it will hold a meeting during the day to evaluate the situation.