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North Korea sends 12 fighter jets to South Korea border

Kim Jong-un's communist regime deployed eight fighters and four bombers hours after launching two test missiles.

Aviones de combate


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On Thursday, North Korea deployed eight fighters and four bombers from its air fleet to fly over the South Korean border. The twelve fighter jets simulated attack formation maneuvers in what has become the newest chapter of escalating tensions provoked by the communist regime in Pyongyang.

The dispatch of the aircraft came hours after Kim Jong-un fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. A few days ago, North Korea launched a Hwasong-12 model projectile that set off two Japanese anti-aircraft alarms . With these tests, Pyongyang has shown its intention to strengthen its arsenal and ignore the sanctions of the international community.

Response from Seoul

According to South Korean authorities, the ROK Air Force deployed thirty fighter jets in response to North Korea's display. It also carried out joint naval maneuvers with both the United States and Japan.

On Tuesday, several South Korean and U.S. fighter jets conducted precision bombing exercises over the uninhabited island of Jikdo, west of the Korean peninsula. These moves come in response to North Korea's firing of an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan.