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Nikki Hiltz, a 'non-binary trans' athlete who has not undergone hormone therapy, boasts about competing against other biological women at the Paris Olympics: "This is bigger than just me"

The athlete, who is biologically female, will be able to compete in the women's category. However, biological men who have undergone surgery or have undergone hormone therapy have been banned from competing against women under the rules of the World Athletics Council. 

Nikki Hiltz(Cordon Press)

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Nikki Hiltz, a biologically female athlete who identifies as transgender and non-binary, will compete in the women's category at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, after qualifying in the U.S. pre-Olympic trials.

Right after the event, Hiltz was elated to have qualified for her first Olympics and dedicated her win to the LGBT community. "This is bigger than just me. It's the last day of Pride Month. I wanted to run this one for my community. All the LGBT folks, yeah, you guys brought me home that last hundred [meters]. I could just feel the love and support," she told NBC Sports.

The truth is that, although news of Hiltz's participation has gone viral, there is nothing groundbreaking. In the end, the athlete is a biological woman who, despite identifying as transgender and non-binary, even though she has never undergone any sex change treatment, will compete against other biological women. 

Since she has never undergone hormone therapy or a sex-change surgery, Hiltz will have no problem competing against biological women. However, men who decided to undergo sex-change treatments are banned from competing against biological women, a rule implemented by the World Athletics Council last year.