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Pacers force Game 7 of the NBA semifinals

Indiana defeated the Knicks (116-103), who have the home-court advantage for the final game.

Myles Turner drives to the basket against McBride.

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The Boston Celtics will have to wait until Sunday to see who they will play against in the Eastern Conference finals. The Indiana Pacers beat the New York Knicks (116-103). The Knicks will have the home-court advantage in game 7.

Pacers 116 - Knicks 103

The Pacers also won against the Knicks in the Eastern Conference. Indiana dominated on the court and managed to maintain the lead they had in the first games to force a seventh deciding game in New York next Sunday. The Pacers relied on Pascal Siakam, one of their star players, who scored 25 points and made seven rebounds and five assists. The Knicks were let down by Jalen Brunson's poor performance early on. He ended up finishing the game with 31 points. It also didn't help that Josh Hart had to sit the game out after experiencing abdominal discomfort.

New York is confident that they will be able to clinch game 7 at Madison Square Garden, which would allow them to play in the conference final for the first time since 2000. After the game, Brunson said he is convinced that Hart will be on the court on Sunday.