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Alec Baldwin trial begins for involuntary manslaughter during the filming of 'Rust’

The actor could be found guilty of accidentally killing the movie’s cinematographer.

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The Hollywood star Alec Baldwin arrived at a New Mexico courthouse Tuesday for the start of his involuntary manslaughter trial for the fatal shooting that killed one person on the set where they were filming the movie Rust.

The Hollywood star pointed a revolver at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while rehearsing a scene, when the gun went off and fired a bullet that killed her and wounded the director.

Baldwin, 66, said he did not know the gun was loaded and did not pull the trigger.

Prosecutors claim that he acted irresponsibly on the set and that he repeatedly changed his version of events since the tragic incident on Oct. 21, 2021.

Baldwin's defense made several attempts to have the case dismissed.

The actor also went to the latest preliminary hearing Monday at a Santa Fe courthouse, where he sat with his attorneys and took notes during arguments in a yellow notebook.

Jury selection is expected to conclude as early as Tuesday and both sides are expected to present their opening arguments on Wednesday.

The trial should last about ten days.