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Katie Hobbs vetoes bill that would force insurance companies to pay for 'gender detransition' surgeries

The law, which passed the Arizona legislature, would have forced companies that cover sex change procedures to cover "reversal" treatments.

Katie Hobbs

Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed the "Detransition Bill of Rights," which would require health insurance companies that cover sex reassignment surgeries also to cover "detransition" procedures for people who regret having performed any of these treatments.

Warren Peterson, president of the State Senate, stated that he considers the "bill unnecessary" and among the reasons for the veto is that they believe it "would pose a risk to patient privacy."

Doctors "must be prepared to undo the damage"

The rule - sponsored by Senator Janae Shamp - and approved by the legislature would have forced insurance companies that cover gender reassignment surgery to take monetary responsibility for "detransition" surgeries.

SB1511S by Veronica Silveri

Regarding Governor Hobbs' veto, Shamp stated in a statement:

If doctors are going to block children's natural puberty process and surgically alter the genitals of people struggling with gender dysphoria, they must be prepared to undo the damage, as much as possible.

The legislation was just one of several rules Hobbs vetoed this week. Another of them is a bill that would allow public entities to be sued if their employees commit sexual crimes against minors (not just the person who commits the crime).