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Just Stop Oil strikes again, paints the private jets Taylor Swift used to travel to London

The environmental group entered London Stansted Airport and vandalized the planes used by the artist in a protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Imagen de Just Stop Oil donde se muestra a uno de los activistas con el avión de Taylor Swift vandalizado en protesta a las leyes climáticas de Reino Unido.

(AFP / Just Stop Oil)

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This Thursday, a group of climate activists painted the two private jets Taylor Swift used to travel to London. The artist left her planes at London Stansted Airport, where several Just Stop Oil members entered by cutting the fence. They sprayed orange paint on the planes that the singer allegedly used as part of "The Eras Tour" in the British capital:

As reported by the association, the aim of this action is to demand that "the incoming U.K. government commit to working with other governments to agree an equitable plan to end the extraction and burning of oil, gas and coal by 2030." In addition, activist Cole Macdonald explained, they also wanted to demonstrate that "billionaires are not untouchable":

We’re living in two worlds: one where billionaires live in luxury, able to fly in private jets away from the other, where unlivable conditions are being imposed on countless millions. Meanwhile, this system that is allowing extreme wealth to be accrued by a few, to the detriment of everyone else, is destroying the conditions necessary to support human life in a rapidly accelerating never-ending "cruel summer." Billionaires are not untouchable, climate breakdown will affect every single one of us.

The vandals have already been arrested. Essex Police reported through a post on X that they acted "swiftly" and made "two arrests" after learning of the incident at Stansted Airport:

Just Stop Oil: The same group that attacked Stonehenge

The arrested people belong to the same environmental group that attacked several works of art and monuments, including Stonehenge. The vandals sprayed paint on the giant stones at the famous British prehistoric site this Wednesday, according to both the police and the environmental group itself.

Police in Wilshire, in southwest England, said they arrested two suspects. Just Stop Oil claimed responsibility for the action, ensuring that the powder paint used "will soon wash away in the rain."