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California: At least four injured by gunshots during shooting in Oakland during Juneteenth

The Police Department reported that several shots were fired near Lake Merritt around 9 p.m.

Imagen de las autoridades de Oakland, en California, llegando al lugar en el que se produjo un tiroteo el miércoles, 19 de junio de 2024.


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A shooting in the town of Oakland, California, left at least four people with gunshot wounds this Wednesday. According to the local Police Department, they received multiple notices alerting them that several shots had been fired near Lake Merritt around 9 p.m.

As detailed by witness Tamia Robinson to ABC 7 San Francisco, everything happened very quickly and, in fact, many people at first confused the shots with the noise caused by fireworks, which were scheduled to be launched as part of the Juneteenth party:

We were all celebrating, there were sideshows, couple of fights that were going on - next thing we know, we all thought we heard fireworks, so we ran from the direction. Next thing you hear, another 'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom' from the other side of the lake. We come down here, walking, and my sister sprints across the street, where she's seen one of her friends were laying out.

Eight people hospitalized after Oakland shooting

Authorities reported the transfer of eight people to the hospital, four of them for gunshot wounds. Additionally, they assured that this shooting could be a possible "mass casualty" event and asked the public to avoid the area of I-580 on Grand Avenue, especially between Grand and Euclid avenues:

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