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More than 265 million people are preparing for the first major heat wave in the northeast of the country

The National Weather Service warned that between Tuesday and Friday cities like Philadelphia could reach temperatures of up to 95ºF.

Albañiles trabajando durante un largo día de calor.


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More than 265 million people are preparing for what will be the first major heat wave in the northeast of the country. The National Weather Service warned that, between Tuesday and Friday, much of the country will be affected by high temperatures that could pose a risk to residents of the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio:

Specifically, cities such as Philadelphia, Allentown and Reading could reach temperatures above 95ºF (equivalent to 32ºC) for the next five consecutive days. A streak that, the Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey, stated, previously occurred in July 2022, July 2011 and August 1953:

High temperatures, CNN reports, will extend from the Great Lakes to the northeast, being especially intense this Wednesday and Thursday. Those two days, warns the National Meteorological System, will be the ones with the greatest heat, reaching dangerous levels in the areas of Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Albany (NY):

New York activates the emergency plan in the face of the heat wave

These places are also not used to such high temperatures. For this reason, New York City activated an emergency plan for "dangerously high" heat. This was announced by the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, during a press conference this Monday:

The first heat wave of the season is here and we are ready. We expect the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory for New York City that would be in effect from Thursday, June 20th through Friday, June 21st. High heat and humidity are also being forecast over the next few days. We expect to see temperatures in the low 90s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This plan will include the opening of "cooling centers," spaces prepared for New Yorkers to take refuge from the heat during this week and where residents will be taught different mechanisms to combat high temperatures:

Cooling centers will be open starting tomorrow and we expect to hit peak heat on Thursday and Friday with the heat index possibly reaching 99 degrees. We want to be clear, this is extremely hot for June and New Yorkers should not underestimate the heat. With climate change leading to more frequent and intense heat, summers are different than they were before and so we should expect and be prepared for the hot weather that is coming.