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Massachusetts: 23 sets of twins graduate from the same school in the same year

They represent practically 10% of an entire Needham, Mass., middle school graduating class.

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An astonishing coincidence has caught the attention of the media and social media this week in Massachusetts. At a school in Needham Township in Norfolk County, 23 sets of twins graduated in the same year.

In total, these 46 young people are practically 10% of the entire graduating class. It's "quite unusual," said Samantha Bibbo, the school's principal, speaking to the AP. "We typically have anywhere from five to 10 sets at most. Given our numbers, we have approximately 450 to 500 children in each grade so this was extraordinarily high."

Bibbo is right. According to Census data, only 31.2 twins are born out of every 1,000 births, which is 3.12% of the total.