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Jeffrey Epstein's accuser is now suing a psychiatrist friend of the businessman for allegedly turning her into a 'sex slave'

Jane Doe 11 alleges that Henry Jarecki used her financial and immigration status to manipulate and control her.

Henry Jarecki con dos mujeres en 504 West 24 Street, Nueva York.

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A former model and Jeffrey Epstein accuser has filed a new lawsuit in federal court in New York, this time against renowned psychiatrist Henry Jarecki, alleging that he turned her into a "modern-day sex slave."

The woman, identified in court documents as Jane Doe 11, explained in her complaint that her nightmare began when she arrived in the United States in 2010 seeking a visa to work as a model, and a colleague referred her to Epstein.

"Jane Doe 11 met with Epstein at his mansion in the Upper East Side, where he promised to help her with her modeling career, acting, and even pay for her college, so long as she listened to him and followed his express instructions. Almost immediately, Epstein began sexually abusing Jane Doe 11 and then controlling her life," the lawsuit states.

According to the former model, Epstein soon referred her to Jarecki in 2011, telling her that his friend was "the best doctor in New York City" and that he would help her treat her mental problems. However, when she went to the first consultation, instead of treating her and prescribing her medication, the psychiatrist gave her an expensive wristwatch and then forced her to tour his house in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, where he raped her.

According to court documents, from that point on, Jarecki began to exert increasing control over Jane Doe 11's life. "Jarecki learned everything he could about Jane Doe 11, including her financial and immigration situation, and he used that knowledge to manipulate and completely control her, coercing her into being his modern-day sex slave," the lawsuit states.

The psychiatrist allegedly promised to save her from Epstein and then moved her to an apartment he owned to monitor her 24 hours a day. If the lights in her apartment were on after 10 pm, he would call her, and if she didn't answer, he would punish her. In addition, he told her the monthly rent was $5,700 and forced her to pay it with sexual acts.

"If you are difficult with me, and refuse to be with one ugly old man, I will ship you back to Epstein so he can send you to more ugly old men, and you won't be able to do anything about it with your immigration problems," Jarecki warned Doe, according to the accusation.

The civil suit also states that Doe had to work to comply with visa requirements and pay his attorneys. However, Jarecki ordered her to turn down jobs and threatened to revoke her visa, send her back to Epstein, and end her career if she did not comply with his demands.

Reaction from Jarecki's lawyer

The psychiatrist's attorney, Manhattan Sarita Kedia, denied Doe's claims, calling them "entirely false and baseless." "Dr. Jarecki never engaged in any abusive conduct with the complainant or any other person," Kedia said.