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Spanish court shelves tax fraud case against Shakira

The Colombian singer said she was satisfied with the decision. The court announced in July that it was opening this new legal process.

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(Josep LAGO / AFP)

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A Spanish court announced this Thursday that it is shelving Shakira's alleged tax fraud case. Last year the Colombian singer reached an agreement to avoid a trial by paying a large fine in a separate legal procedure, according to AFP.

The judge's decision follows the request of the prosecutor's office and clears the legal landscape for the singer in Spain, where she lived for part of the time during her relationship with former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.

In a statement released this Wednesday, the prosecutor's office stated that there is not enough evidence to criminally prosecute the singer for two alleged tax crimes committed in the year 2018.

Shakira's lawyer said, in a statement to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, that they are satisfied with the decision. "The judicial file, which had been requested by the defense more than three months ago, shows that there was never any fraudulent behavior on the part of the singer. Our client is totally satisfied that it is finally recognized that she did not commit any criminal fraud, but her fight against the Spanish Tax Agency does not end here," said the singer's lawyer, Pau Molins.

In July, a court in the outskirts of Barcelona announced it was opening a new case against Shakira for allegedly not declaring her IRPF income tax and wealth tax correctly in 2018.

Shortly after, the singer from Barranquilla paid over 6.6 million euros (about $7 million) to the court to show her willingness to regularize her situation with the Spanish treasury. This amount included, in addition to the amount claimed, interest and regularization fees.