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Planned Parenthood hits record number of abortions in 2023, was involved in more than 40% of these procedures nationwide

The nonprofit, which reduced the overall health services it offers, received almost $700 million from the Biden administration in grants and reimbursements.

Planned Parenthood y sus afiliados recibieron casi $2.000 millones de los contribuyentes para financiar abortos

(Planned Parenthood en St. Paul.

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Planned Parenthood's annual report reflects that the abortion-based nonprofit carried out a record number of abortions (392,715) during the past year. This figure represents more than 40% of these procedures that were performed nationwide. The report reflects that while abortion numbers grew, the company significantly cut many other health services it offers. Likewise, the report states that the entity received $699.3 million in government subsidies and reimbursements.

Almost 400,000 abortions in one year

The report makes clear that Planned Parenthood's total and absolute priority, far from health, is the promotion and expansion of abortion, both within and beyond national borders. This reality refutes the company's supposed objective of being a health company and not just an abortion center. While all health services saw cuts of between 1.4% and 31%, abortions increased by 5% compared to the previous period, reaching 392,715.

Thus, Pap smears (to detect cervical cancer) fell by 13.5%, screening for cancer detection fell by 1.5%, while preventive health care visits plummeted by 31%. In addition to abortion, the company has taken on the transgender movement as one of its major causes, while it has left aside other aspects such as adoptions, as indicated by making 4.5% fewer referrals for this purpose.

This ideological crusade is paying off, however. According to the financial reports presented by the company, the Biden administration granted it $699.3 million in subsidies and reimbursements. This represents a 4.2% increase over 2022.

A decade of prioritizing abortion and neglecting health services

The figures are even more telling taking into account data from the last decade: the only parts of the report that increased are the number of abortions (up 20%) and taxpayer funds received (up 29.4%). This last aspect is considerable, as Donald Trump tried to economically hinder the company during his term in office.

The rest of the company's fields of work saw different results. In the last 10 years, pregnancy tests dropped by 19.4% and adoption referrals by 21%. Even more radical was the drop in cancer screening tests (down 58.6%) and, above all, prenatal services (67.6%).