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2023 saw record immigration from Venezuela to the United States

At least 7 million people from Venezuela have emigrated from their country, which continues to suffer a complex humanitarian crisis.

Agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza vigilan un grupo de inmigrantes

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The exodus of Venezuelans has not stopped. 2023 closes with a new record high of Venezuelans who emigrated to the United States. In October, it was reported that immigrants from Venezuela broke the arrival record with at least 50,000 immigrants illegally entering U.S. territory in just one month (September), according to Department of Homeland Security statistics obtained by CBS News.

Immigration of Venezuelans to the United States has changed in recent years. A Pew Research study explained that Venezuelans make up the fastest growing group of Hispanic origin in the United States. The analysis showed that between 2010 and 2021, the Venezuelan population increased by 169% and went from 240,000 to 640,000 people.

"This was by far the fastest growth rate among Hispanic origin groups. Dominicans and Guatemalans had the next-fastest growth rates at 60% each,” highlighted the report published this year.

2023 closes with more than 7 million Venezuelan migrants around the world

The United States is not the only destination for Venezuelans. The Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela (R4V) published a report explaining that the year ends with at least 7.7 million people from Venezuela who decided to emigrate.

"These figures represent the sum of Venezuelan refugees, migrants and asylum seekers shared by host governments. They do not necessarily imply individual identification, nor the registration of each individual, and may include a degree of estimation, depending on the processing methodology of statistical data from each government, sometimes in collaboration with national R4V platforms," the organization explained.

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'About 4.3 million Venezuelans must deprive themselves of food'

Crime, the humanitarian crisis and the dictatorship are the reasons why Venezuelans are increasingly emigrating from their country. A HumVenezuela report, shared by Human Rights Watch, noted in March that "the majority of Venezuelans face difficulties in accessing food, and that there are 10.9 million people who are undernourished or chronically hungry." Further, "About 4.3 million must deprive themselves of food, including going days without eating."

"The lack of access to basic services deepens the humanitarian crisis. Access to safe water and sanitation declined from 2021 to 2022, HumVenezuela reported, exposing nearly 4.4 million people to a pressing need for safe drinking water and sanitation to 1.3 million to an urgent need for basic health services," Human Rights Watch said.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has failed to address the migration crisis caused in the country by the arrival of Venezuelans. Not only that, in addition, the president has chosen to have a policy of rapprochement and appeasement with Nicolás Maduro's dictatorship. The Democrat insists that easing sanctions and exchanging American prisoners for convicted officials of the Venezuelan regime who are being held by the United States will promote political change in Venezuela, which is immersed in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.