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Top law firm to stop hiring on Harvard campus due to President Gay's antisemitic testimony before Congress

Days ago, the rector of the university refused to describe calls for genocide against the Israeli people as “antisemitism.”

Un importante bufete de abogados dejará de contratar personal en el campus de Harvard debido al testimonio antisemita de la presidente de la universidad ante el Congreso

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Problems continue for Harvard University. A major law firm said it will stop hiring staff on Harvard’s campus after the controversial testimony carried out by its rector, Claudine Gay, who refused to condemn in Congress the antisemitic expressions made by pro-Palestine groups at Harvard.

According to Fox News, Jay Edelson, founder of the law firm Edelson PC, sent a letter to the director of recruiting and operations at Harvard Law saying that the firm will not participate in the university’s next Spring Interview Program unless there is a radical change in university policy regarding the Israel-Palestine issue.

The Spring Interview Program, scheduled to begin January 29, facilitates opportunities for law firm employers to interview prospective students on campus.

In addition to the January program, the firm said it will not participate in another more extensive program in August, where law firms typically hire students.

“We have no intention of returning to on-campus recruiting unless there is a sea change. The easiest solution would be for Harvard to simply remove Dr. Gay but would, in many ways, just gloss over the core problem. Harvard has been one of the most vocal proponents of ‘educating’ the nation on the need for safe spaces for students, how important trigger warnings are, and how words can be equated with violence,” Edelson said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“We think Harvard owes a full opportunity to reconcile its countless statements and actions over the years with how it handled the Congressional testimony. I’ve been saying, in public and in private, that Dr. Gay should step up and hold a town hall on a major TV network. She needs to face the tough questions, from journalists and the public alike so that the nation understands very clearly what values are truly most dear to Harvard,” said the firm’s founder.