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Joe Biden's campaign will spend $50 million to revitalize the president's image

This total will target states where the vote will be more contested and will aim to capture the support of young people.

Joe Biden(Cordon Press)

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Joe Biden's campaign team announced that it will allocate $50 million for media purposes, such as commercials and propaganda, to boost his image.

This information comes to light after major Democratic donors reported that they will stop giving funds if the president remains in the presidential race, citing his poor performance in the first debate and his questionable cognitive ability.

This spending will be used in states where the vote will be hotly contested, such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where he will also go in person to hold rallies and other events.

The goal will be to capture the youth vote in these states, with an "aggressive, targeted" campaign, according to statements from the president's team reported by Fox News.

This is not the first time it has been reported how much money Biden's campaign will spend on advertising and events. Weeks ago, it was communicated that they would spend another $50 million on commercials targeting his rival at the polls, Donald Trump. In fact, he made public a video in which he lists the judicial proceedings against the Republican candidate.