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G7 diplomatic sources worry about Joe Biden's mental health, stating that he is worse than ever

During the summit, President Biden experienced several embarrassing incidents and moments of confusion.

El Presidente Joe Biden pronuncia un discurso

Joe Biden ( Aaron Schwartz/Sipa USA / Cordon Press)

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President Joe Biden is coming under fire after struggling to maintain focus during G7 discussions in Italy this week. According to diplomatic sources, the president had his worst performance at an international event due to several embarrassing incidents and moments of confusion.

One of the episodes that drew the most attention was when Biden strayed from the group and turned his back on the summit leaders, forcing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to guide him back. Additionally, Biden reportedly made Meloni wait 20 minutes before his arrival at the summit, which was met with a subtle, humorous rebuke from the prime minister: "You shouldn't leave a woman waiting like that," Meloni told him, somewhat jokingly.

Although the president was mentioned to have shown some moments of lucidity during discussions with leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, several reports indicate that he also appeared to lose concentration easily, raising additional concerns about his mental fitness.

Another aspect that attracted attention was Biden's decision not to attend a dinner organized for G7 leaders at a luxury hotel in southern Italy, citing the busy agenda of the summit.

According to The Sun, diplomatic sources noted that Biden has been “losing focus” and other attendees from multiple delegations described his performance as “embarrassing.” Following growing concerns in diplomatic circles, The Sun's political editor, Harry Cole, declared: "He's losing focus in meetings. Sometimes he's very sharp sometimes, he's very much not. So some worrying developments there (…)It was quite painful viewing.”

These incidents occur at a critical time, just a few months before the presidential elections. Biden's administration has been marked by several public stumbles, including falls and moments of apparent confusion, which has raised questions about his fitness for another term. As the election approaches, concerns about Biden's ability to carry out his duties effectively and sustainably continue to rise among diplomatic allies and the general public.

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