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Several civil organizations sue the Biden Administration for the new immigration policy

A group led by the ACLU alleged that the executive order issued by the president poses a risk to the lives of immigrants.

Joe Biden, hablando con un agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza.


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A group of organizations that defend the rights of immigrants filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration over measures aimed at countering the border crisis that the president enacted a few days ago.

The group, led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alleged, in the lawsuit filed this Wednesday, that the executive order poses a risk to the lives of immigrants, whose asylum is "severely restricted":

We are suing the Biden administration over executive actions that severely restrict asylum and endanger thousands of lives. These actions follow the approach of the Trump administration's previous asylum entry ban, which we successfully challenged in court.

"There is no legal daylight between this asylum ban and the Trump ban the courts struck down. The law is flatly illegal, period. This law will not deter desperate families from seeking refuge here. It is ill advised and will put lives at risk," said Lee Gelert, an ACLU attorney, in statements reported by CNN.

On June 4, knowing that the elections are just a few months away and that the border crisis is one of the biggest concerns of Americans, Biden signed a battery of measures. The president referred to that executive order as "recent actions to secure our border and address our broken immigration system."

Within this series of initiatives, one of the most notable is the "strengthening of the selection process for asylum seekers." With this measure, the Biden Administration intends to expel "as quickly as possible" those illegal immigrants who "pose a risk to public or national security."