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Openly gay California Democratic state lawmaker during Pride opening speech: 'The children are ours'

Senator Scott Wiener brags about the laws passed by his party against "disgusting people" who oppose gender ideology.

Scott Wiener, during the 2022 Pride parade.

Scott Wiener, during the 2022 Pride parade. (Wikimedia Commons)

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California State Senator Scott Wiener remains determined to defend his title as enemy number 1 of the parents of the Golden State. In his speech inaugurating Pride month in San Francisco, Wiener, openly gay, said that "the children are ours." The legislator also boasted of the laws approved by Democrats in this field and attacking the "nasty people" who fight against him.

"Forced outing policies"

During his speech, Wiener noted :

We introduced legislation to ban these forced outing policies as some school boards are starting to adopt … as we fight all the nasty people out there who are trying to harm us and we're going to beat them and we're going to win. We are always there for these kids. These are our kids.

The California Family Council criticized Wiener's speech, accusing him of "blatantly lying," since "there are no school board policies that force the outing of students." And, above all, it made it clear that his children "are not from Wiener."