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The Democratic candidate to unseat Ted Cruz advises illegal immigrants on how to avoid border authorities

Colin Allred, a Senate candidate in Texas, is a former American football player and currently a member of the House of Representatives.

Colin Allred

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Colin Allred, a current member of the House of Representatives and former American football player, is the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Texas, where he will try to defeat Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has been in the Senate since 2013. To increase his voting intention, the Democrat distributed instructions on how to avoid border authorities in the Lone Star State.

During a campaign event hosted by the Dallas County Democratic Party, Allred handed out 'Know Your Rights' cards, which are practically a how-to for illegal immigrants to get around the law.

As reported by Fox News Digital, these red cards "explain how someone in the U.S. illegally can avoid immigration agents that are asking them questions or showing up at their door."

Among some of the recommendations that were on the cards, the following stood out:

  • "DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR if an immigration agent is knocking on the door."
  • "DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS from an immigration agent if they try to talk to you. You have the right to remain silent."
  • "DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING without first speaking to a lawyer."
  • "If you are outside of your home, ask the agent if you are free to leave and if they say yes, leave calmly."

The cards, which quickly went viral on social media, were created by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, a group supported by the Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros.

What do the polls say?

So far, Cruz defeats Allred in all the polls carried out in this election. The most recent one was published by YouGov at the end of April and showed the Republican leading the race with 46% of the votes, significantly more than the Democrat's 33%.

Another, prepared by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation in mid-April, also found Cruz winning but by a somewhat narrower margin, 46% to 41%.