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Super Tuesday: Biden and Trump move towards a 2020 rerun

Nikky Haley's campaign website deletes all planned events and there is speculation about her withdrawal, while the two favorites exchange messages ahead of the presidential elections.

Una encuesta golpea duramente a Biden: pierde ante Trump por 5 puntos y su índice de aprobación baja a mínimos históricos

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden completed their meeting with their respective voters on Super Tuesday without any major problems. While the results of some states are still pending, both candidates are even closer to repeating the 2020 electoral duel after winning 14 of the 15 territories called to the polls on this day. Both had, however, a thorn in their side: Vermont, in the case of the Republican, Samoa for the Democrat, where Nikki Haley and Jason Palmer, respectively, won.

At the time of closing this news, Trump has 995 delegates of the 1,215 he needs to mathematically guarantee the Republican nomination. Haley didn't even reach a hundred, despite her victory in Vermont. In the Democratic Party, Biden is stepping even harder, if possible, on his way to the candidacy to fight for re-election. His setback against Palmer (3 delegates) in Samoa is nothing short of anecdotal. So far, the leader of the Executive has only lost 10 of the delegates (7 of them in favor of "Uncommitted," the punishment vote for his Israel stance) at stake and accumulates 1,497 delegates of the 1,968 required in the Blue Party.

Nikki Haley, on the edge of the cliff

Trump's victory is a blow for Haley not only because of the number of states in which he won, but because he swept both votes and delegates. The former governor of South Carolina only added 43 of these, compared to the 689 that the former president currently achieves. In fact, Haley's website eliminated all of the candidate's commitments for this week, which raised doubts about her continuation in the race. Nevertheless, her spokeswoman, Olivia Pérez-Cubas again charged against Trump and presented the candidate as the best conservative option: "Unity is not achieved by simply claiming 'we’re united.' Today, in state after state, there remains a large block of Republican primary voters who are expressing deep concerns about Donald Trump. That is not the unity our party needs for success."

Screenshot of Nikky Haley's campaign website.

Trump: "We are going to win this election because we have no choice"

As the count progressed, the two favorites spoke again in terms of national elections, forgetting the primaries. The former president, who thanked MAGA for his victories, noted that "we are going to win these elections because we have no choice ... If we lose the elections, we will not even have a county left!"

Biden resorts to the speech of fear again

In his remarks, Biden reiterated the familiar fear speech against the Republican candidate, whom he accused of wanting "destroy our Democracy." In his X campaign account, the president insisted on the idea by celebrating that "millions of voters across the country" were "ready to fight Trump."

Today, millions of voters across the country have made their voices heard, showing that they are willing to fight Donald Trump's extremist plan to push us back. Every generation of Americans will face a moment when they will have to defend democracy. This is our fight.