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Congressman Matt Gaetz introduces resolution to censure judge in Jan. 6 case against Trump

The Republican lawmaker argued that Justice Chutkan has shown "bias and partisanship in her official duties."

Matt Gaetz y la jueza

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"It is deeply concerning that a United States District Court judge would exhibit such blatant political bias from the bench," said the Republican congressman Matt Gaetz before submitting a resolution to censure and convict Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over Trump’s January 6 case.

Gaetz claims she "inappropriately expressed support" towards the BLM protests in 2020. He says she handed down "multiple tough sentences to non-violent January 6th defendants." He also claims that at a 2020 hearing Chutkan expressed her disappointment that the former president "remains free to this day" and that she had donated "thousands of dollars" to support the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Matt Gaetz - Tanya Chutkan by Santiago Adolfo Ospital